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Soybeans and lightly salted



Assorted Japanese pickled vegetables



Prawns, octopus, crab meat and cucumber in a sweet vinegar sauce.


Wakame Salad

A variety of seaweeds in a light sesame sauce.



Lightly blanched spinach in a ponzu topped with bonito flakes.


Poki Salad

Choice of Tuna,Salmon or Tako mixed with cucumber, red onions, radish sprouts, tobiko and seaweed in a special spicy dressing.


Sashimi Salad

Assorted sashimi, seasonal fruit and organic greens with special dressing.​


Brussels Sprouts

Crispy brussels sprouts tossed with ponzu sauce.


Taro with Tuna

Thin slices of fried taro with tuna tartar.


Dragon Ball 

Chu toro with finely chopped fresh wasabi wrapped in avocado with house made sauce 



House made monkfish liver with ponzu sauce


Sashimi Sampler

8 pieces. Catch of the day. 


White Fish Carpaccio

8 pieces. Sliced white fish with yuzu lemon sauce.


Chu-Toro Tartare

Nori on a bed of sushi rice topped with fatty tuna and fried siso leaf 


Truffle Salmon Carpaccio

Lightly seared salmon, truffle ponzu sauce, black tobiko


Scallop Carpaccio

Garlic ponzu sauce, black tobiko and chili sauce


Maguro Tataki

Lightly seared bluefin tuna with organic salad and  house dressing.


Shiro Maguro Tataki

Lightly seared white tuna with organic salad and house dressing.


Beef Tataki

Lightly seared rib eye beef with organic salad and house dressing.



Gindara Misotsuke

Miso marinated black cod.



Grilled squid with a ginger soy sauce.



Grilled smelts.


Baked Green Mussel

Backed  green mussel with spicy cheese mayo sauce.​



Eggplant with miso sauce.


Hamachi Kama

Yellowtail collar.


Salmon Kama

Salmon collar.


Jalapeno Poppers (4 pcs)

Deep fried jalapeno stuffed with spicy tuna and cream cheese.


Agedashi Tofu

Batter fried tofu in light tempura sauce.


Beef Gyoza

Japanese potstickers.


Vegetable Gyoza

Japanese potstickers.


Mixed Tempura

Fried shrimp and assorted vegetables with tempura sauce.


Vegetable Tempura

Batter fried vegetables with tempura sauce.


Calamari Tempura

Batter fried squid with tempura sauce.


Kaki Fry

Batter fried oysters with katsu sauce.


Sweet Potato Stick

Fried sweet potato with spicy mayo sauce.



Deep fried octopus balls, topped with scallions and bonito flakes on top.


Tori Karage

Marinated boneless fried chicken with spicy mayo.


Soft Shell Crab

Batter fried whole crab with ponzu sauce.


Hotate Katsu

Batter fried scallop with honey mustard sauce.


Shrimp Shumai

Fried ground shrimp with honey mustard sauce.



Fried creamy potato with spicy mayo.


Salad / Sashimi
Grilled / Fried
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