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Kikusui: Perfect Snow

This is undiluted  so it has 21% alcohol content and chewable grains of rice from traditional brewing methods. Perfect Snow also provides for more versatile drinking possibilities than your normal nigori sake.

By the Glass $6.00 / By the Bottle $12.00 / $23.00

Sho Chiku Bai: Milky Way

Light, very sweet and rich sake with a cloudy color.

By the Glass $6.00 / By the Bottle $12.00 / $23.00

Sayuri: A Little Lily

A refreshing aroma, natural sweetness, and smooth aftertaste.


By the Bottle $14.00


Suijin: God of Water

An extremely dry sake with superb complexity and a powerful rice flavor.

By the Bottle $24.00 / $54.00

Otokoyama: Man's Mountain

Crispy, sharp, rich, full-bodied and very dry. Best loved in the USA.

By the Glass $12.00 / By the Bottle $50.00 / $105.00

Genbei Onikoroshi: Devil Killer

Light and dry. Popular among sushi chefs in Japan.

By the Glass $7.00 / By the Bottle $65.00

Shirakabe Gura: White Wall

Light and smooth with a nice taste of rice. Very drinkable.

By the Glass $8.00 / By the Bottle $17.00 / $80.00

Hakutsuru: Organic Sake

Using premium California grown rice, Hakutsuru​ has created a masterfully brewed sake that is sharp, dry, and light-bodied. From start to finish, all ingredients and processes are USDA certified organic.

By the Bottle $17.00


Kitaro Jungin

The refreshing sweet aroma reminds you of young greens. It has a very unique acidity and bitterness. Well balanced and very dry sake​.

By the Bottle $15.00

Hakkaisan: Hakkai Mountain

Very clean, fairly crisp overall and quite dry​. One of the most popular and highly sought after Ginjo in Japan.

By the Bottle $32.00 / $65.00

Dassai: Otter Festival

Clean, soft and very subtle. Balanced aroma and a mild sweetness.

By the Bottle $27.00 / $57.00

Kikusui: Fountain of Youth

Elegant with a floral aroma and a very light palate. Goes well with an avocado dish. This is a great white wine alternative that is perfect for sake lovers and beginners alike.

By the Bottle $19.00 / $45.00

Mizbasho Ginjo

Aroma of spice pear and cantaloupe​. Full body of golden apple and honey nut flavors. Finishes with tangy nectarine and acidity like kiwi.

By the Glass $12.00 / By the Bottle $24.00 / $54.00


Ozeki Osakaya Chobei: First Boss

Terrific value JunmaiDaiginjo as it gives the drinker the chance to taste a real player in the history of Japanese sake. Rich, fruity aroma with a clear and delicate taste.

By the Glass $13.00 / By the Bottle $25.00 / $55.00

Born Gold

Every year, a limited amount of cases of Born Gold a​rrive in the US. This highly coveted, smooth Diaginjo has hints of cedar, licorice, and plenty of umami. Born Gold is a muroka sake made with the absence of carbon filtration.

By the Bottle $65.00

Kanchiku: Cold Bamboo

It has been produced for more than 350 years only by Totsuka Family. Sixteen generations of Totsuka Family have devoted themselves to produce the finest hand made sake in Nagano. Smooth, sweet taste.

By the Glass $15.00 / By the Bottle $72.00

Kubota "Manju": Millions of Celebrations

Manju is amazingly soft, round, elegant and very clean after taste. It has a well balance of honeysuckle and tuberose.

By the Bottle $150.00

Kubota "Hekijyu": Five Thousand

Hekijyu is very smooth and clear with ​subtle flavors of ripe pears and grapes pervading the middle mouth. This is the perfect example of  Nigata style sake, which is light and dry.


By the Bottle $85.00


Mango Cocktail

Powerful, tropical, sweet taste of mango.

By the Glass $15.00

Strawberry Cocktail

Made with handpicked, fresh strawberries.

By the Glass $15.00

Peach Cocktail

Mild, sweet taste of white peach

By the Glass $15.00

Yuzu Cocktail

Refreshing aroma of citrus fruit. Yuzu orange extends comfortably with soft acidity.

By the Glass $15.00

Choya Umeshu: Plum Wine


By the Glass $7.00

Hana Fuji Sake: Apple

Fresh aroma that fulfills that palate with crisp tartness. The lovely, lingering finish continues the taste of rich apple flavor. Its low alcohol makes it a fine aperitif, either straight up or on the rocks.

By the Bottle $15.00

Mio Sparkling Sake

Refreshing, fruity, sweet aroma. Crafted in the traditional brewing style, with rice, water and Koji. Mio appeals to a wide range of tastes.

By the Bottle $15.00


Chamisul: Original

Jinro's Chamisul Original Soju ​is the first pure and clean soju filtered four times with charcoals made from bamboo in Korea. This filtration method eliminates any harmful substances or impurities leaving only the clean and smooth tasting soju.

By the Bottle $12.00

Chamisul: Fresh

Milder than the original, Chamisul Fresh is made with a natural sweetener from Finland for a cleaner and refreshing taste. Additionally, the innovative soju making technologies enhance the effect of the natural bamboo charcoal refinement process, resulting in a more "fresh" soju.

By the Bottle $12.00


Distilled soju is an authentic, Korean, traditional liquor that contains the original taste and flavor of the raw materials, such as, rice, barley, sweet potatoes, and various grains fermented and distilled in a single distileer.


By the Bottle $30.00

Window's Migaki Barly Soju

Window's Migaki is matured in an oak barrel. The maturing flavor and roundness is like that of whiskey.

By the Glass $8.00 / By the Bottle $60.00


A very delicate and smooth imo shochu, designed to match any cuisine.

By the Glass $7.00 / By the Bottle $55.00


Red Wine

Ancient Peaks Cabernet (California)

By the Glass: $13.00 / By the Bottle $48.00

Annabella Pinot Noir Carneros (California)

By the Glass: $13.00 / By the Bottle $48.00

Milbrandt Merlo (Washington)

 By the Glass: $13.00 / By the Bottle $48.00

White Wine


Pratsch Gruner Veltliner (Austria)


 By the Glass: $11.00 / By the Bottle $40.00

Heinz Eifel Shine Riesling (Germany)

By the Glass $11.00 / By the Bottle $40.00

Vinim Chardonnay (California)

By the Glass $11.00 / By the Bottle $40.00



Commanderie de la Bargemone (France)

By the Glass $13.00 / By the Bottle $48.00


Choya Umeshu: Plum Wine


By the Glass $7.00

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